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We ensure the execution of metalworking projects in Data Centers through a wide scope of services, from detail engineering, procurement, and commissioning.

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The Data Centers business unit is the youngest unit of the Mecwide group, which started its activity in January 2023 in Norway.

Constantly attentive to the evolution of the global market, Mecwide’s strategy has been to position itself in the mechanical construction of data centers, which are experiencing remarkable growth, in perfect harmony with the increasing growth of data and information, which need to be stored securely.

The unit’s strategy was to create Mecwide Nordics AS, a company incorporated under Norwegian law, which recently won the project to supply the mechanical equipment, piping, and associated installation for the largest data center in Norway, owned by Green Mountain, the end user being Tik Tok.

This Data Center is located north of Oslo in Hamar, with a total installed power of 150MW, distributed over 5 buildings of 30MW, each with 3 floors.

Mecwide’s step into this new business area allowed it to solidify the company’s strategy of entering projects still in the design stage, and to considerably increase procurement activity.

The services provided are very wide, but include the following specialized activities:

  • detail engineering;
  • procurement of all piping and equipment (valves, heat exchangers, inertia tanks, pumps, deaerators, flow meters, instruments) of the cooling network;
  • procurement of all piping and equipment for the fire protection network;
  • installation of piping and supports;
  • testing and flushing of the lines;
  • commissioning and start-up of the installation

The unit’s first activity will focus on all Scandinavian countries, where talks are already well advanced to secure the awarding of other projects.


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