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The People

Work at Mecwide

With ambition, commitment and honesty, we make the journey together towards success. We are all just one!

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Every day we break the monotony and inspire creativity for a positive and productive culture. When we combine fun with demand, work flows and success becomes more meaningful. We believe in sharing this attitude with all our clients and partners.

Our culture

Our culture is one of our greatest assets. We put people at the heart of our business and this is reflected in the way we interact, make decisions and share results.
  • Safety & Environmental
  • Our commitment to safety shapes every aspect of our business.
    Every day we follow measures implemented with a single and clear objective: zero accidents, inside and outside our facilities.

    Mecwide has a voluntary environmental management policy, as it is committed to comply with environmental policies and good practices.

    Mecwide has tools allowing to determine its environmental performance. This way, it identifies, in advance, the impacts of its activities on the environment, as well as ways to improve the Environmental Management System.
  • Quality
  • Through the Quality Management System, Mecwide is committed to develop products and services that are increasingly better suited to its clients, guaranteeing compliance with quality, legal and regulatory requirements. The realization of this commitment is possible through the motivation and technical competence of our employees combined with permanent business innovation and healthy workplaces.
  • Be a Mecwider
  • The energy and spirit of a Mecwider is reflected in the connections, in building trust and sharing meaningful, quality interactions. With hundreds of employees spread all over the world, we are able to be closer than ever.
  • Learning Academy
  • Our Academy allows us to consolidate a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, fostering personal and professional growth. We privilege learning based on real situations to motivate and improve skills capable of responding to market demands.

    Mecwide Learning Academy is certified by DGERT and emerged as an investment focused on a continuous learning for our employees. The qualified and specialized training of our employees is one of our biggest investments. Every year we carry out specialized training programs according to the needs that arise in different areas, such as safety, quality, foreign languages, behaviour and mental health.

    This is a huge pillar in our learning and growth perspective.

Code of conduct

We guide our activity based on transparency, sobriety and simplicity, establishing the fundamental values which define who we are and where we want to be.

Our Code of Conduct sets standards and expectations for behaviour among employees and partners for a better future for Mecwide and the community.
We promote fair employment, equal opportunities and respect.
Business practices
We conduct all business fairly, openly and transparently.
We guarantee and defend the confidentiality of all processes.
Health and Safety
We comply with and enforce all health and safety standards at work.
Conflict of interests
We follow a policy of preventing and managing conflicts of interest.

People are Mecwide's core business

Our clients trust us with challenging projects and our team finds the solutions, producing exceptional results. This alignment is reflected in the energy that permeates all business units:
  • We deliver passion in everything we do.
  • We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships.
  • We dare to do things differently and make the world a better place.

Our people


Mecwide seeks to develop and maintain a high level of quality, efficiency and safety to satisfy the high demands of its clients.


Mecwide collaborates on the BASEPOINT project, financed by the Fundo Azul program.
Social responsability

Commitment to sustainability and social responsibility

We believe that social responsibility provides added value to our clients, employees, partners and the communities in which we live and operate.
We are committed and our commitment is to support social causes and integrate responsible practices in all our activities, contributing to an equitable, balanced and sustainable society.

Aware of the importance of the local development of communities, Mecwide has been developing several initiatives in the various markets in which it operates, developing actions in the context of the fight against hunger, promoting support for disadvantaged children and charity institutions, focusing on environmental awareness communities, investing in people's quality of life and contributing to community development.

Particularly in Africa, Mecwide is developing several actions to support its employees, family members and local associations, annually supporting around 500 families with the donation of school supplies, essential goods (clothes, hygiene products and food) and through awareness-raising and education on various topics, as well as the rehabilitation of local institutions.

In parallel with these actions, Mecwide promotes several initiatives in the field of health and quality of life for the populations of the communities where it is present.