The technological revolution and increasing access to the global market challenge the Metalworking Industry across Europe.

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Europe has been a pioneer in the development of machinery and equipment operating in different industrial sectors, such as metalworking.

Our multidisciplinary solutions are also designed taking into account the needs of our clients and team, providing maximum safety, efficiency and qualification.

In 2009 we started our operations with the opening of the first office, in Barcelos. We also have three production support units in the country (Matosinhos and Sines).

In just a few years, and as the group expanded to create branches in different parts of the world, we have managed to sustain our growth in an internationalization strategy that recognizes us as a reference company in the Metalworking Industry.

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Experience the essence of Portuguese tradition through flashback scenes from different locations, where laughter and the irresistible aroma of roasted chestnuts create timeless memories.              

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Gas Valve Project | Belgium

Mecwide recently completed a gas valve project for an incineration plant in Belgium. Mecwide’s work included installing 6 new gas valves, replacement and adjustment of piping and supports, and replacement of insulation. We are very proud of our team!

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Smile Day 2023 | Mecwide Mozambique

This year, Smile Day returns with the same spirit of joy we cherished last year. In our 6th edition, around 500 hearts united once again for a day dedicated to our amazing employees, their families, valued customers and our local community. Countless smiles were delivered to the families of our employees in Mozambique, along with … Continued

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