Assembly of a steel bridge

Another important milestone for Mecwide Mozambique in the construction and development of the country.

Throughout our presence in the Mozambican market, we have participated in projects in different areas, focusing on Technical Assistance, Mining & Cement, Oil & Gas, Industry & Energy and also in the construction of various infrastructures and buildings.

We began the assembly of another steel bridge, this time with single span for a single train line, total length of 170m and about 200ton weight. The bridge tray is made of PRS beams using a submerged arc welder.

Mecwide also was responsible for the transport of the first two trays for the metallic bridge of the Ressano Garcia line. Each tray weighs around 110 tonnes, 8.5 m wide and 25 m long. Tray composed of PRS beams entirely manufactured by Mecwide Mozambique.

Congratulations to our Mecwiders!