Incorporation of Bioethanol in Gasoline in the CLC Aveiras Logistics Park

Mecwide was carried out work at CLC (Companhia Logística de Combustíveis), which operates in the area of ​​fuel logistics and is responsible for the exploration of the multi-product pipeline between Sines and Aveiras de Cima, as well as the storage and shipping of fuels in the Aveiras de Cima facilities.

The scope of the project consisted of the incorporation of bioethanol in gasoline, a biofuel of plant origin, which will contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions associated with road transport.

Using a specialized team, the scope of Mecwide’s work essentially comprises the conversion of two 1100m3 storage tanks, including the replacement of the internal floating roof – IFR – and the improvement and adaptation of the anti-corrosion treatment of each tank to the new product.

Mecwide was also responsible for the mechanical assembly of the bioethanol discharge skids, the conversion of the pumping station and adaptation of the Fire Fighting System circuit network. This project also included the manufacturing and assembly of approximately 3 km of pipeline and the respective systems, the interconnections with existing circuits and all supports and structures required for construction.